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Changing the Air filter
Changing the air filter on these bikes couldnt be simpler.
Once the tank is off, undo the four screws holding in the filter.
Put the new filter in th holder and slide it back in.
Do up the four screws.

In these pics the old filter is the wrong way around on the holder. The new filter going in is the right way around.

If you put the filter in the way these pics show the old one, it cant seal, sits loose in the holder and it is possibe that it can move forwards and displace itself completely.

If it is the way around shown in the pic of the new onw, the filter is pinned in place so the edges seal and it cant move.

You would thing that the mesh should be on the forward facing side to protect it, but apparently not.
Some aftermarket filters like PiperX and K&N have a metal mesh both sides.
Slide out the holder and the old filter.