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Removing T595 Bodywork and tank
Remove seat and Cowl
Remove grab rail if it is fitted
Remove flat head bolt holding the forward part of the rear panel to the side of the tank
Two bolts behind tank
Remove luggage bobbins
Two bolts from wells
Disconnect rear lights
Slide the rear bodywork backwards and off
Remove infill panels
Remove bolts from infill panels either side of instuments
Remove quick release fasteners from belly pan
Remove quick release fasteners from nose cone
Remove belly pan
Remove bolt from bottom of side panels
Disconnect indicators
Remove bolt from middle of side panels
Remove quick release fastener from top of side panel
Remove side panels
Remove screen
Remove bolts from underside of air intakes in nose cone
Remove wing mirrors
Slide nosecone forwards and off and disconnect side light
Remove quick release fasteners from thermostat cover
Remove thermostat cover
Remove tank mount bobbins
Remove bolt securing the rear of the tank
Lift tank
Remove vacuum pipe
Disconnect fuel pump. If the fuel hoses are not marked, mark the top one so the flow and return dont get mixed up.
I founf these fuel connectors are plastic. There was a triumph recall to change these for metal ones so this one has never been done.
I dont know if triumph will honour the recall on a bike this age. I will contact them and find out.
Disconnect fuel hoses
Disconnect fuel level guage
Lift the tank up and off the airbox
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