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Removing T595 Airbox
You dont need to open the airbox to remove it
Remove air intake pipes from the front of the air box
Disconnect the sockets
Undo the thermostat from its mounting on the top of the air box
Lastly, once the airbox is lifted, disconnect the pressure sensor. If the electric connectors wont come apart unscrew the sensor.
In a massive leap of good design the bolt that holds down the front of the air box is hidden underneath it. You can see it here. Access it from the left side of the bike with a socket on a long extension bar
The three throttle bodies are each held onto the airbox by a metal pipe clip that has to be loosened with a small screwdriver. Another quantam leap in good design. If they have moved around like they have on this one, you cant get at them, the only way is to lift it.
Later models have self sealing spring clips.