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In Memory of Christine Anne Wilkins

You filled my life with happiness.
And then you left me
In the past, I was married.
I have learned the hard way that no matter how hard you try there are some things in life that you just have no control over.
1992 - 2006
The coolest dog that ever walked on this earth.
My constant companion.
You gave me purpose when I was broken.
You saw me through the darkest of times.
Seeker of hedgehogs.
Destroyer of soft toys.
Bringer of happiness (and the occasional frog).
My Little Bit of Cyberspace
Its raining outside, tears fall from the sky.
I hear a dog howl falornly, and the trees sigh.
The garden so recent, an oasis in bloom,
Now seems so barren, cloaked with sadness and gloom.

Its raining inside, tears fall from my eyes.
I felt the world shiver briefly, when the reaper came by.
You took part of me with you, and part of you I shall keep
As you slipped from my arms to the deepest of sleep.

You are peaceful at last now,
and free from the pain.
Goodbye my darling.
We will meet again.

Christine Wilkins
1966 to 2004
Rest in peace.
I will miss you deeply for the rest of my life