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Some poems Ive written in the past.
I wrote this at 2 am on the 23 of November 2004

Its raining outside, tears fall from the sky.
I hear a dog howl falornly, and the trees sigh.
The garden so recent, an oasis in bloom,
Now seems so barren, cloaked with sadness and gloom.

Its raining inside, tears fall from my eyes.
I felt the world shiver briefly, when the reaper came by.
You took part of me with you, and part of you I shall keep
As you slipped from my arms to the deepest of sleep.

You are peaceful at last now,
and free from the pain.
Goodbye my darling.
We will meet again.

Christine Wilkins
1966 to 2004
Rest in peace.
I will miss you deeply for the rest of my life


I wrote this one at some point in early 2005 sitting in the cemetary looking at an empty patch of ground where the headstone would eventually stand I remember it was a sunny day and i was sat on the grass. Part of this poem I used for the inscription on the white marble headstone.


Even though I've said goodbye, you're always with me.
I stand beside your grave, yet you are here.
Im left so very lonely and I know you miss me,
But when I turn to you, you're always near.

I talk to you as though you live within me,
Not changed, just moved in from the outside.
I know each day you must, a little leave me,
But here, as always, you must be my guide.

You were, you are and always will be, just as ever,
In my thoughts and in my heart and on my mind
No physical event on earth can such love sever
Your sleep is a just place that knows no time.

So our sad goodbye does not mean you are gone
For so long as I still love you,
In my heart you will live on.



I dont remember exactly when I wrote this but it must have been around early 2004.
The macmillan centre had a poetry competition, I wrote this.
They put most of them on the wall but not this one.


I am known by many people
But I dont have any friends.
Ill bring you pain and suffering
Your happiness I'll end.
My cold embrace, my chilling breath,
My silent deadly kiss
I'll pick you up, then throw you down
Into my dark abyss
I'm silent, I'm invisible.
I'm a killer you cant see.
I'll touch you when you least expect,
And Ill never set you free.
I dont hate, I dont discriminate.
You cannot choose who plays my game.
Fat or black. Young or old.
To me you are all the same.
There is no reason for what I do,
There is no reason why.
I came and touched you just because...
Its time for you to die.


Ok, I didnt write this one.
This is the lyrics to FEEL, a Robbie Williams song.
It just says perfectly how I feel 99% of the time.

Come on hold my hand, I want to contact the living
Not sure I understand, This role I've been given

I sit and talk to God, And he just laughs in my face
My head speaks a language, I don't understand

I just want to feel real love, Fill the home that I live in
Cause I got too much life, Running through my veins
Going to waste

I don't want to die, But I ain't keen on living either
Scare myself to death, That's why I keep on running
Before I've arrived, I can see myself coming

I just want to feel real love, Fill the home that I live in
I got too much love, Running through my veins
Going to waste

There's a hole in my soul, You can see it in my face
It's a real dark place