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Removing Bodywork
If you have luggage rails, remove them first.
Pull the back of the seat forwards and remove the two hidden bolts
Remove the seat
Undo the four bolts securing the rear fairing either side of the battery tray.
Slide the rear fairing backwards, spreading it so it clears the sub frame.
Remove the plastic fascia by the side of the clocks.
Remove the plastic infil panel at the top of the left side panel
If you have any switches on the infill panel such as heated grips, disconnect them at the connector.
Remove the infil panels on the right side. You only need to remove the infill panel, you can leave the storage box in place.
Remove the bolts underneath the side panels that secure the two panels together.
Remove the bolts holding in the front panel
Lift out the front panel
Undo the bolts on the radiator infil panel
And lift them out
Undo the bolt securing the back edge of the side panel. On the left side its just in front of the side stand pivot.
Undo the bolts holding the upper and lower fairings together
And lastly undo the bolt holding the side panel to the hidden bracket that is concealed by the infil panels you just removed
Now you can lift off the whole left lower panel.
Then repeat the steps for the right lower panel
Remove the windscreen bolts
Lift it out
Remove the infil panel
Disconnect the indicators, note which is left and right.
Using a pair of long nose pliers, carefully remove the square clips securing in the clocks
Very carefully ease the clocks up and back so the two pegs clear the rubber gromets. You can see in this pic the previous owner of my bike has managed to snap one of these pegs off.
Disconnect the clocks from the wiring loom and remove the clock unit.
Unbolt the indicators
Remove them. Dont let them drop as the bolts undo
Disconnect the lights from the wiring loom
Now carefully remove the nose cone. Dont drop it because doing it this way it still contains the headlight unit and can be deceptivly heavy.
Now the bike is naked and ready to work on.
A handy tip is to use a cable tie to hold up the wiring loom on the front of the bike so that it is out of the way and doesnt snag when you work on the front forks.