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Brakes - Service
Balancing Throttle Bodies
Valve Clearances
Rear Hub Overhaul
Swing Arm Removal
Chain and Sprocket Replacement
Rear Suspension
Linkage, Bearings and Seals
These are all the jobs Ive currently got around to documenting on the Sprint ST 1050.

These pages are an ever evolving work in progress.

If you have any requests for jobs to be added or want to comment on anything please contact me at :

bowl.of.mice AT

I get a huge amount of traffic, it would be good to get some feedback too :-)

These pages are here only as a guide to help other people service thier own bikes by documenting work Ive done on mine.
I do not take any responibility for anything you do on your bike.

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Tank and Airbox
Valve Clearances
HID Headlight replacement
Forks and Head bearings-
Removal and basic service
Brakes - Bleeding
Swingarm, Suspension linkage and hub rebuild
Forks and Head bearings-
Sprint ST1050 Service Pages
Fluids - Oil, filter and coolant change