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Bleeding brakes on the Sprint ST - FRONT
I took these photos filling and bleeding a dry system, but bleeding a filled system to change brake fluid is exactly the same process.

Pour some fresh brake fluid into a clean jug.
Bleeding brakes on the Sprint ST - REAR
If its a full system, empty the master cylinder of old brake fluid using a syringe. Take care when emptying it to keep the level of fluid above the drain hole so that air does not get into the system. Then fill it with fresh fluid.

If its a dry system, just fill it as shown

I use a vets syringe for this as it is a clean, quick, simple mess free way to transfer the caustic brake fluid into the master cylinder.
I got a pack of 5 like the one shown on Fleabay for £5
Never let the master cylinder get any lower than this. From this point, fresh fluid will be sucked into the system.
If you allow the bore of the pipe to become exposed you will suck in air.
Using a vacuum pump create a vacuum and then open the bleed nipple. The vacuum will draw fluid into the system.

When it has drawn in most of the fluid in the master cylinder, close the bleed valve and top the MC up.
Use the syringe to top the master cylinder up and then repeat with the vacuum pump and bleed valve.

If you are using the OE hose routing, do the left side first, this fills the whole system
Bleed nipple being closed off
If you have just split and serviced the calipers like I have, the clean brake fluid will come out red due to the red rubber grease on the back of the pistons.

Bleed the system through to get as mush as possible out.
Then do the right side.

If you are using a double banjo and two single hoses instead of the OE hoses it doesnt matter which side you do first.
When the lever is rock solid like this, your done.
Pump the lever a few times during the bleed to make sure the MC is cleared of any air bubbles.
Close it up and do up the securing screww
Fill the master cylinder mid way between the min and max levels and put the diaphragm in place.
Plastic seal in place
The rear brake is exactly the same as the front. If anything its simpler as there is only one caliper to bleed.

The master cylinder is a bit hidden. You access it under the seat next to the battery.
You will have to move the cabled on the positive battery terminal.
Make sure the dust cap is on the bleed nipple to keep it free of crud.
Pump lever to fill master cylinder
Create vacuum with pump, crack open belld valve and suck fluid through the system
The rear master cylinder is so much easier to access with a syringe, pouring from a bottle or jug is almost certainly going to end up with brake fluid where you dont want it.

As above these pictures are filling a dry system, fill master cylinder with clean brake fluid
Dont forget to pump the lever.
Brake fully on only partialy depressed, job done.
Replace all the wires
Close the lid, make sure it is seated properly and screwed down.
Plastic seal
FIll MC to mid way between min and max levels.
Cover bleed nipple with dust cap.
If you are filling a dry system, pump the brake lever to fill the master cylinder.