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ST Brakes service
Front Right caliper.
Filthy, caked in cack, corroded pins and ready for a service
Remove the retaining pins and pads.
Remove the four joining bolts and split the caliper.
Using a wooden cocktail stick carefully remove the piston seals and dust seals.
Damaged or corroded seals should be binned and replaced.

All components laid out ready for a clean.

All my seals were in good condition so Im reusing them.
Piston before clean
Piston after clean
All parts deep cleaned with parafin (Kerosene if you are from the USA).

The retaining pin was badly corroded and in removing the corrosion you can see the nickel coating was also removed. This will corrode again fast and can restrict the smooth movement of the pads, so Im going to replace it with a new one.
Red rubber grease.

Idendifiable by the red lettering on the front of the pot.
Im a genius me
Wipe the seal grooves with red rubber grease.

Fit the seals and dust seals and then wipe them and the insides of the piston cavity with a coat of red rubber grease.
Fit the pistons.
Wipe away excess grease.

Dont push the pistons all the way home. With the grease when pushed tight home will create a vacuum that you wont be able to draw brake fluid through.
Rejoin the two halves of the caliper torquing the bolts up to 24 Nm
Refit the brake pads and retaining pin.
Coat the thread on the retaining pin with copper grease.

Torque the pin to 19Nm
Repeat with the rear caliper.
Rear caliper is a one piece floating caliper and does not need splitting
Left front caliper and rear caliper ready for reassembly after a good clean.
Note new brake retaining pins.
The old ones were corroded badly.
Refit the seals and pistons using the same method as for the front caliper.

Replace the floating caliper mounting plate using red rubber grease on the pins so the grease does not attack the rubber boots.

Replace the pads and use copperslip grease on the retaining pin threads.
Torque the pins to 19Nm
Three calipers.
Clean and ready for refit.
Mount the front calipers.
Torque the mounting bolts to 40Nm
Reconnect the dry brake hoses
If you are using the OEM hoses and routing the double banjo goes on the right side.
Always use new copper washers throughout.

Torque the banjo bolts to 25Nm
Connect the dry hose. Use new copper washers.
Torque banjo bolt to 25Nm
Torque rear mounting bolts to 40Nm
Remove the pistons.
You should be able to get the pistons out using heavy duty external circlip pliers if you dont have a piston removal tool.

You can also blow them out with compressed air or if they are really badly seized screw in a banjo bolt and force grease into the caliper through the bleed nipple.
This method will remove the worst seized piston but cleaning it out afterwards can be a bit of a pain.