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My Sprint had a System 4 all singing all dancing alarm factory fitted.

It took me about three rides to decide I hated the fucking thing with all its different settings .
Then it decided to go off at random intervals in a locked dry garage, almost without fail after in the morning.

Then one night after a ride in the rain it went off.
And went off again. And then did it again, and again.
And then it wouldnt turn off with the fob.
And then when it did it went off again after 30 seconds.
So I disconnected it from the battery, and then the internal anti tamper battery kicked in and it wouldnt turn off at all.

After a night of keeping the whole house, and all my neighbours awake I took the tank off, pulled the fucker out and dropped it in a bucket of water.
This is where all system four alarms should be.

Do you have a factory fitted alarm?
Put it in a bucket of water!
That leaves you with the issue of a non starting bike.

Get to your local triumph dealer. Get a loom blanking plug like the one Im holding here.

It helps here if your face is known in the dealer, they are not 'supposed' to give them out to people who just ask for obvious reasons.
Fit it into the interface the alarm system connected into under the tank.
Refit tank.
Job done.

Somewhere I have a very satisfying picture of the alarm dying in its final resting place, an orange bucket full of water.

I will find it and put it here for prosperity.