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Forks and Head Bearings rebuild
Line the top bearing race and the bottom bearing race on the headset with fresh grease.
And do them up enough to collapse the rubber well about to about 75% of itys size. It doesnt need to be too tight.
Make sure you know which way around the two wheel spacers go, they are different sizes.
They are marked, the wider one of the two has two grooves around its centre, the smaller one has one.

The larger one with two grooves goes on the left side as you sit on the bike.
Line the bearings with fresh grease. They are sealed bearings so its just for water protection, not lubrication, and place the spacers in.

Offer up the wheel and slide the axle through.
Line the race on the lower yolk with fresh grease.

Place the freshlypacked lower bearing over the race on the bottom yolk and the freshly packed upper bearing in the top race on the headset.

Then offer up the bottom yolk into position
Place the lightly greased top race onto the bearing and push it into place.
Push the bearing cover into place.

If at any point during the last few steps you have let go of the lower yolk without it being firmly supported it will have most likely fallen on your foot.

Please please, email me and let me know if this happens to you.
Screw the first castle nut finger tight while keeping a firm upwards pressure on the bottom yolk.

Now you can let go of it.
Torque it up to 40Nm, wiggle it from side to side and check torque again. This pre loads the bearings.

Supporting the very firmly so it doesnt drop at all, loosen the nut and torque it up to 15Nm.
Tabbed washer
Second castle nut.

Torque it up to XXNm
Put the top yolk in place and srew the top yolk nut finger tight.

Do not tighten it.
Slide the fork legs into place, make sure you dont have left and right mixed up.

Hold them roughly in place with one of the bottom yolk clamp bolts.
Position the forks accurately using a steel rule.
In my case, 4mm showing on the same point on both fork legs including the top cap.
Tighten one clamp bolt a little on the top yolk just to hold each one in place.

Check and readjust if needed.
When you are happy torque up all the bottom and top yolk clamp bolts to xxNm
Now torque up the top yolk nut to 65Nm
Replace the rubber well nuts into the rear half of the front mudguard
Offer up the wheel into position and slide the axle through.
Torque the axle up to 62Nm
Torque up the axle clamp bolts to 20Nm
For brakes, see the brakes page