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Removing the Petrol Tank and Airbox
Make sure all the petrol is drained or syphoned out of the tank.
Simples :-)
Seat the tank in place, hooking the front in first then replacing the bolt into the retaining bracket at the rear of the tank.
Fit the new air filter and replace the top of the air box. Make sure it is seated correctly. Replace the screws being careful not to drop any of them, reconnect the hose on the front of the air box and replace the hoseassmebly on the top left of the airbox.
Reconnect the fuel pump connector and the fuel pipe
Replace the base of the airbox. Connect the hose at the rear underside first.

It can be awkward to get the rubber seals to seat correctly over the throttle bodies, but it is very important that they are seated correctly so a good seal is made.

A good tip to make this easier is to wipe a smear of KY jelly or other water based lube that dries out around the seals so that they slip on easier.
Once you have finished working on the the engine, remove the paper plugs from the throttle bodies. Make sure that there is no debris of any kind.
Before you do any work or cleaning, make sure the throttle bodies are clean and then blocked up to prevent any dirt or screws dropping into them.

If you use a cloth make sure its clean and lint free. I use a disposable paper workshop towel.

If you are going to check or adjust the valves, from this point skip to the VALVE CHECK or the VALVE ADJUSTMENT pages
Now we have access to the rocker cover and throttle bodies.
Lift the airbox base away from the throttle bodies, it may take a bit of rocking. Lift it a few inches and disconnect the hose under the base before lifting it away completely
Disconnect the hos at the front right side of the airbox base
Undo the two screws at the rear of the airbox base
Undo the last screw and lift out the air filter. This one is filthy.

If its a triumph OEM filter, bin it. If its a K&N filter or similar put it to one side ready for cleaning and re oiling.
On the left side of the air box unclip the hose that comes up the side of the airbox. You do not need to disconnect the hose itself, just lift the whole assembly from the airbox.
Using a philips screwdriver undo all the screws holding the top of the air box down. If you drop any of these thay can drop down onto the engine ane can be a real pain to retrieve. If possible use a magnetic tip screw driver to prevent this.
Lift the tank off to expose the air box.
Disconnect the fuel hose.
Disconnect the cable to the fuel pump assembly
Lift the back of the tank and disconnect the cable connector
Remove the bolt at the rear of the tank by the battery